Urban Bratz is heavily invested in social and environmental initiatives and contributes towards the Hudson Foundation.

The Hudson Foundation seeks to ‘give a voice to the voiceless’ by supporting initiatives related to children’s wellbeing, dogs and Mother Earth. Children are the future and we believe in supporting those less privileged with the basic requirements – particularly those related to clothing and sport.  Unfortunately there are many children in today’s societies who suffer in silence and the foundation strives to support such cases.

The foundation also seeks to identify dog homes which require support. Many dog kennels do not benefit from any funding and rely heavily on donations and with dogs close at heart, the Hudson Foundation looks to give these abandoned animals a better life until they are rehomed. Similarly, Hudson is conscious of its impact on the environment and therefore encourages environmentally-friendly behaviour within the company as well as its retail stores. It also teams up with activities that raise awareness about the importance of caring for our environment